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  • EZ Tube Display
  • EZ Extend Display
  • Pop Up Displays

    All of our Pop Up Displays are made from an aluminum frame with a lifetime frame warranty. Select from straight or curved displays in sizes that range from 8ft to 20 ft.

  • Fabric Displays
  • Banner Stands

    Since 1983, Showstopper Exhibits has offered the most comprehensive selection of banner stands on the market. From indoor manually-installed banner stands –outdoor banner stands and flags (resistant to weather) - to retractable banner stands that pull up like a window shade to display the graphics and retract into the base for easy portability. Now, we introduce the latest innovation –EXTEND display banner stands. These start with an easily-built tubular frame over which a pillow case of vibrant graphics on durable fabric can be stretched. And they are available in a vast array of heights from 5.5’to 11.5’ and widths from 24” to 60”. Now, more than ever, organizations just like yours are seeking the most productive marketing tools that are impactful, durable and cost-efficient. Building an environment for innovative selling, banner stands are as dramatic as the graphics you create and as flexible as changing out the graphics to brand the most demanding trade show exhibit venue. When your meeting schedule calls for spontaneous selling, let a grab-and-go banner stand in a light-weight carry bag with shoulder strap and/or handle be as compelling as your power point. The introduction of a new product or service, the visual power of driving home the most compelling features and benefits of your corporate capabilities and the minimal space requirement needed to effectively convey your message make banner stands an indispensable part of your next meeting schedule. Showstopper Exhibits has what will serve you well – and the experience to make your next trade show display a Showstopper. Ease of installation and dismantling, light weight for shipping or as a carry on, and the most affordable pricing ever - make banner stands a value-added marketing tool for any venue. Conferences, Expos, Concerts and Corporate meetings; all are enhanced with easy-to-use, highly transportable banner stands.

  • Pallet-To-Table Unit
  • Hanging Banners
  • Truss Displays
  • Hybrid Displays

  • Outdoor Banners
  • Table Throws
  • Panel Displays

    Attract attention in smaller spaces! Showstopper Exhibits tabletop displays look great, are light weight, easy to set up and built to last. Our tabletop displays provide a powerful exhibiting presence with systems that are portable and convenient! Our full range of tabletop display systems are easy to transport, quick to set up and are engineered to last for years, giving you great value.

  • Replacement Graphics

    Our replacement graphics offer a continuous tone (RGB) and deliver 2200+ dpi [dots per inch] compared to perhaps 1650 dpi with Ink Jet. The process allows the colors to be impregnated onto a high resolution Titanium film (very durable) and then, under heat, is laminated to a extremely flexible substrate that is then cut into panels that can fit seamlessly on any Pop-Up frame. Each order comes with all of the necessary hardware including hangers and footers.

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