Would you like Showstopper Exhibits to design the graphics for your next display?

Send us a PDF of the photography you have available, or email a detailed description of your needs and/or comments about the design you desire and we will provide a quotation by return email. Email us at design@showstopperexhibits.com.

Need help designing your graphics?


Showstopper Exhibits provides full service graphic design support. Our team of designers work with you to ensure your trade show display attracts the right consumers. We ensure the accuracy of the design and coordinate the printing of your graphics with the manufacturer of your display.

If you would like us to design your trade show display graphics please call our answer line for a quote: 1-800-440-0377.

Showstopper Exhibits is proud to offer Lambda Graphics as an option! 

What are Lambda Graphics?

Without equivocation, Lambda Graphics offers the finest fidelity in the marketplace. Perfected in Italy, the process allows the colors to be impregnated onto a high resolution, very durable Titanium film and then, under heat, is laminated to an extremely flexible substrate. It is then cut into panels that can fit seamlessly on any Pop-Up frame.

The process is continuous tone (RGB) as opposed to what everyone else offers – Ink Jet (CMYK) and delivers 2200+ dpi [dots per inch] compared to perhaps 1650 dpi with Ink Jet. 


Showstopper Exhibits offers Lambda Graphics at Ink Jet prices, so these offerings are an excellent value.